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Do you know what's on TV, by Bharath Mohan

Broadcast TV consists of 100s of streams of video changing continuously, going through many different moments. Some are showing products, some have actors, some have news topics being spoken, some have songs playing etc. At Sensara, we've built a system ( that can label the states TV goes through - in real time. In the largest deployment of its kind in the world, we analyse 300+ channels in India, and are able to label products, actors, songs, etc. Built based on unsupervised learning, this system uses concepts like acoustic fingerprinting, maximal sequence mining, face clustering - all with a little bit of human help. In the talk and interaction, we'd love to show a live demo of the system, our "God" view of Television in India, and explain the core concepts behind this technology.

About the speaker

Bharath Kumar Mohan, PhD (2006) in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, is the CEO of Sensara Technologies - a company that builds A.I. products for Television. Sensara counts partners like Xiaomi, Airtel and others and is transforming how TV is consumed in India. Before founding Sensara, Bharath worked at Google India - in R&D as part of the Google News and Google Finance teams. Bharath has spent about 15 years working in research in the areas of Content Discovery and Information Retrieval.