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AI meets Sports, by CV Jawahar

The power of AI algorithms has been measured with how can AI play games on a digital computer, and win over humans with appropriate inferences and strategies. Can AI now win over humans in real physical games? This requires better perception and control. May interesting questions now arise. Can AI clean bowl Virat Kohli? Can we win over Roger Federer? How far are we from these goals?

A more pertinent question will be can we train humans to win over the experts and scale sports education, leading to training and creating many "Sindhus and Sainas"?. Different sub-areas of AI (Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Language Processing, Data Mining etc.) have a lot to offer for this to happen. In this talk, we discuss this problem, challenges and some of the preliminary results that we have.

About the speaker

C. V. Jawahar is the Amazon Chair professor at IIIT Hyderabad, India. At IIIT Hyderabad, Jawahar leads a group focusing on AI, computer vision, and machine learning. In the recent years, he has been looking into the perception and learning problems that overlap with vision and language. He is also interested in designing AI systems, and applications with special focus on Indian setting.He is also passionate about the scalable models for teaching and research.