PhD Students


Ashutosh Kumar

Data Augmentation using GANs

Sawan Kumar

Natural Language Supervision

Apoorv Saxena

NLP, Knowledge Graphs

Masters Students

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma

Knowledge Densification and Question Answering

Research Assistants


Akash Nagaraj

Representation Learning of Technical Literature


Partha Talukdar

Partha Talukdar

Machine Learning, NLP, Cognitive Neuroscience


Name Position Period of Stay Research
Chandrahas Dewangan First employment: Visiting/Post-doc Researcher, Google Research, Bangalore 2015 - 2021 Analysis and Methods for Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Naganand Yadati 2016 - 2021 Deep Learning over Hypergraphs
Sharmistha Jat First employment: Spotify, London 2015 - 2021 Relating Representations in Deep Neural Networks and the Brain
Shikhar Vashishth First employment: PostDoc, Carnegie Mellon 2016 - 2020 (expected) Neural Graph Embedding Methods for Natural Language Processing
Madhav Nimishakavi First employment: Facebook AI, London 2014 - 2019 Relation Schema Induction using Tensor Factorization and Algorithms for Low-rank Tensor Completion
Anand Mishra First employment: Professor at IIT Jodhpur 2017 - 2019 Knowledge-aware Computer Vision
Priya Radhakrishnan PhD (IIIT Hyderabad), First employment: American Express Labs 2015 - 2018 Entity Linking, Information Extraction
Swapnil Gupta MTech Student (SE), First employment: American Express 2018 - 2019 Knowledge base canonicalisation
Vipul Rathore MTech Student (CDS), First employment: PhD student at IIT Delhi 2018 - 2019 Reasoning over Procedural Documents
Aniket Pramanick MTech Student (CSA), First employment: TCS Research 2018 - 2019 Time sensitive Representations for Knowledge Graphs
Ishaan Sood MTech Student (CDS), First employment: Minds.AI 2018 - 2019 Deep learning for finanical predictions
Rahul Chittimalla MTech Student (CDS), First employment: Target 2018 - 2019 Sequence-to-Sequence models
Swayambhu Nath Ray MTech Student (CDS), First employment: Samsung Research 2017 - 2018 Time-stamping documents
Shib Shankar MTech Student (SSA, EE). Currently: PhD student at UMass Amherst 2017 - 2018 Temporally-aware Knowledge Graph Embedding
Prince Jain MTech Student (CSA), First employment: Goldman Sachs 2016 - 2017 Entity and Relation Induction and Normalization
Ojha P MSc Engg (CSA) 2014 - 2017 Crowdsourcing, Knowledgebase Evaluation
Arabinda Moni ME Student (CSA). First employment: Samsung Research 2015 - 2016 Temporal Information Processing
Manjunath Hegde MTech Student (SERC), First employment: Microsoft 2015 - 2016 Goal-directed Knowledge Expansion
Research Assistants
Anirban Biswas Project Assistant, First employment: LinkedIn, Bangalore 2019-2020 iNell Project
Harshita Dudhe Project Assistant, First employment: Twilio Inc. 2018-2020 iNell Project
Soumya Sanyal Project Assistant, First employment: PhD student at University of Southern California, Los Angeles 2018-2020 GCN for Materials Science
Aritra Chatterjee Project Assistant, First employment: Data Scientist at Flipkart 2018-2019 Knowledge Graph Representation Learning
Abhishek Kumar Project Assistant, First employment: University of Maryland 2018 Representation Learning of Technical Documents
Anjali Anil Shenoy Project Assistant (IIIT Hyderabad), First employment: Amazon 2018-2019 Never ending image learning
Prateek Yadav Undergrad (IISc Bangalore), First employment: Microsoft Research India 2017-2018 Deep Learning on structured data
Manik Bhandari Project Assistant (BITS Pilani). First employment: Masters student, CMU 2017-2018 Paraphrase Generation and Graph convolutional networks
Mukul Project Assistant (BITS Pilani), First employment: PhD student, CMU 2017-2018 Temporal Relation Classification
Aditya Sarma Project Assistant (BITS Pilani), First employment: Wadhwani AI 2017-2018 iNELL Project
Karan Saxena Project Assistant (MVIT, Bangalore), First employment: Masters Student at CMU 2017-2018 iNELL Project
Shankar Lal Agarwal Project Assistant (M.Tech, NIT Trichy), First employment: at Uber 2017-2018 iNELL Project
Bhuthesh R Project Assistant, First employment: Kenome Technologies Pvt Ltd 2015-2017 Large-scale Data Analysis and Systems
Arun Vellat Sadashivan Project Assistant (M.S. University of Toronto) 2017 Neural Conversation Models
Siddhesh Khandelwal Project Assistant (B.Tech, IIT G). First employment: Masters Student at UBC, Canada 2016 - 2017 Temporal Information Processing
Uday Saini Project Assistant (B.Tech, IIT Ropar). First employment: PhD at UC Riverside 2015 - 2017 Tensor Decomposition, Representation Learning
Danish Pruthi Project Assistant (B.Tech, BITS Pilani). First employment: PhD student at CMU 2015 - 2016 User Generated Content Modeling
Yogesh Dahiya Project Assistant (B.Tech, IIT BHU). First employment: Masters Student at IIT Kanpur 2015 - 2016 Representation Learning
Vikram Nitin Intern (BITS, Pilani). First employment: PhD student, Columbia University 2018 Convolution-based methods for Hypergraphs and Knowledge graphs
Shubam Jha Intern (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus) 2018 Relation extraction
Satwik Bhattamishra Intern (BITS Pilani), First employment: Microsoft 2018 Submodular optimisation-based Paraphrase Generation
Sanket Shah Intern (IIIT, Hyderabad), First employment: Microsoft Research India 2018 Knowledge-aware Visual Question Answering
Rishabh Joshi Intern (BITS, Pilani). First employment: Samsung Research Labs 2018 Distantly-Supervised Neural Relation Extraction
Soumye Singhal Intern (IIT Kanpur). First employment: MILA, Canada 2018 Machine Learning, Machine Reading
Srinivas R Intern (RVCE Bangalore). First employment: Masters student at CMU 2017 Representations for Entities/Relations in large-scale Knowledge Bases
Tathagata Sengupta Intern (IIT, Roorkee). First employment: at Adobe 2017 Intepretability in Knowledge Base Embeddings
Vinayak Mathur Intern (MIT, Manipal). First employment: Masters student at Umass Amherst 2017 Neural Converasational Models
Zarana Parekh Intern (DAIICT, Gandhinagar). First employment: Masters student at CMU 2017 Asynchronous methods for Reinforcement-learning based Information Extraction
Aakanksha Naik Intern (BITS, Pilani). First employment: PhD student at CMU 2016 Speeding up Coreference Resolution systems for large corpora
Aarabhi Putty Intern. First employment: IC Pro Solutions 2016 Speeding up Coreference Resolution systems for large corpora
Siddhant Tuli Intern (BITS, Pilani). First employment: Google India 2015 - 2016 Learning Joint Embeddings of Text and Knowledge Base Relations
Tushar Nagarajan Intern (BITS, Goa). First employment: PhD student at The University of Texas at Austin 2015 - 2016 Deep Representation Learning
Dhawal Joharapurkar Intern from Manipal. First employment: PhD student at UCSC 2014 - 2015 Temporal Information Processing
Priyam Tejaswin Intern from VIT. First employment: Research Assistant (Intern) at Northeastern University 2014 - 2015 Knowledge-on-Demand
Sheema Usmani Intern from IIT-BHU. First employment: Masters student at Stanford 2015 Entity Normalization
Silvi Pandey Intern from IIT G. 2015 Large-Scale Learning